I’m on a Journey

Everywhere you turn, all you hear is be your ‘best version’. What does that even mean? ‘Your best Version’ Ok, let’s say you accept this challenge and you start to change things around in your life, perhaps this might look like replacing bad limiting habits for better ones, or maybe you lose some weight or whatever the version change might be. My question is how do you know what your best version is? Also once you reach that so-called ‘Best Version’, would that be it? Do you stop changing, growing, evolving? As for me, I choose to see life as a constantly evolving experience. I am changing every day, not to my best version, but to a kinder person, a more disciplined person, a more selfless person and so forth. As I receive more illumination, I change. I don’t have a destination as such but just an openness to keep on changing for the better. Some might call that my ‘best version’, but I prefer to call it forever changing.

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